Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "Indy IV" teaser trailer is here!

The teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom and the Crystal Skull, the fourth and no doubt final entry in the immensely popular and lucrative Spielberg-Lucas film series, was officially revealed on Valentine's Day. While there are admittedly one or two things about it that rub me the wrong way, my overall reaction was a positive one. To quote Allison Doody from Last Crusade I was "giddy as a schoolboy" watching it.

Even though it's only been a few days since its unveiling, the internet is aleady "abuzz" with talk about it. Bloggers are praising, critiquing and performing in-depth analysis of every second of this teaser. For example, over at his superb film blog Burbanked does a rather extensive evaluation of it, raising points of concern that no doubt hordes of fans and non-fans alike will have. As a fellow appreciator of film publicity, Burbanked not only examines the content of the trailer but the trailer itself. His opinions are perhaps a bit more critical than mine, but they're nontheless fair and lucid. Burbanked's point that he is not yet convinced it's a film that "needed to be made" is, I think, a particularly valid one. The truth is I'm not sure I feel convinced of that yet either, but having seen this trailer now, I do feel something that I haven't felt since word of a fourth Indy film first surfaced: optimistic. I had always known that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford could pull this off (if anybody could), but I wasn't necessarily confident that they would. My confidence, however, is building. Once the actual theatrical trailer is released, hopefully, it will build even more.


Tucker said...

I saw Burbanked's post but did not read it yet. So this is the first time I've seen the trailer. Recently I showed Lily the first film and she loved it. Now I feel I must show her the next two to get prepared for this fourth one. Like you I think they just may have pulled it off. I do have doubts of course, but I also have to say that even though they may not have needed to make it, if it turns out to be a load of fun then that's reason enough for me.

Burbanked said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words, Damian!

That's especially generous of you to classify my rants as an "extensive evaluation" when I sometimes look back on them and think of them as "nitpickings of a madman" instead. I usually take these kinds of things way too seriously and in way too much detail, but when a beloved property like Indiana Jones is at stake, it's really hard to see marketing materials that are, even in part, substandard.

But I think your instinct to be optimistic is a good one, and it's one I do share, despite my initial crabbiness. I want to believe and hope that they'll pull this off and that we're all left with dopey, giddy smiles on our faces in May.

And hope is a good thing, right?

Damian said...


I remember you telling me that you watched Raiders with Lily and that she liked it. I was wondering (as I did when you showed her the first Back to the Future) whether you'd show her the other two as well. I think that you should and then you can take her to the theatre to see the fourth one. If I had any kids of my own, I'd certainly want them to see an Indiana Jones film on the big screen. Also, I think your point about it being a load of fun being reason enough to make it makes sense. All the Indiana Jones films have ever supposed to be, as Spielberg himself has said, is fun; a "B" movies made with an "A" budgets.


You don't need to apologize for taking this seriously. Obviously I take it very seriously too and I appreciate your hesitation/reluctance to climb on board the "this-movie-is-going-to-ROCK" express. I share it. My point was just that, in spite of its flaws, the trailer does capture the potential of this movie to be good (which I guess is the purpose of a trailer). It seems to foster my hope rather than destroy it...

And yes, hope is a good thing. :)

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