Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Real quick

"I'm not dead yet... I'm getting better."

I only have an hour of internet time (I am at my local public library because my own internet has been down for over a week), so I'll try to make this brief and clear.

This blog is not dead nor am I.

I needed some time to get away and think about what had happened, how it happened and whether or not I planned to continue blogging. I also needed to, as Megan put it, "recharge my betteries" since this all took a lot out of me.

In the interim other things of a personal nature occurred in my life that were not much fun (when it rains, it pours sometimes) and which can certainly force one to realize that there is much more to life than just the "virtual world."

I eventually decided that I will continue to blog but I will not be rushed. I will proceed with "31 Days of Spielberg" as soon as I am able to (picking up where I left off with the entry on Jurassic Park) which will probably be when my internet is working again.

Hope that clears things up.