Monday, March 19, 2007

The Credit Card for Filmmakers

I think I might've unintentionally offended Dan Eisenberg of Cinemathematics when I (jokingly) accused him of stealing my "Great Cinematic Speeches" feature with his contribution to the recent Billy Wilder Blog-a-thon. I did say that as long as he gave me credit for it I didn't mind, but I'm unsure as to whether my sense of humor was coming across properly or not. It's always so hard to be witty or sarcastic in writing without seeming mean or petty. At any rate, it really didn't bother me at all.

However, if he so wishes, Dan can legitimately accuse ME of theft as I am shamelessly copying his most recent post where he juxtaposes the beginning of Truffaut's Day For Night with the well-known Wed Anderson American Express commerical. I remember first seeing this commercial in the theatre before a movie (couldn't tell you which one though) and loving it. I'm not certain but I suspect Anderson also directed the ad as well as appeared in it. It certainly seems like something he'd do. If so, I think the idea of having prominent filmmakers direct AND act in these credit card commercials (where the filmmaker's personality can be seen in the style as well as the content) is a fabulous idea. I've seen the Wes Anderson ad probably fifty times now, so I think I'm ready for a few new ones featuring a different director. I caught one that M. Knight Shyamalan did on TV one night and it didn't particularly impress me.

This one, however, had me in stitches:

Again, I don't know whether Marty himself directed the ad or not, but his ability to poke fun at himself is wonderful. Here's a brilliant artist who (as the ad indicates) takes his work seriously, but not himself seriously. I think it's very possible that the Academy was simply waiting for him to do this commercial before giving him his Oscar.


Dan E. said...

I was never offended. I tried to facetiously be offended at your "accusations," but I guess that tone of voice doesn't come through in print.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. I'll be happy to share the "Great Cinematic Speeches" posts with you. I just need to find a good one.

Damian said...

Good to know, Dan. Thanks! :)

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for another great cinematic speech. I just posted the one Peter Lorre did in "M" recently so I think I'll wait a bit before I do another one (I like to space them out).

cineboy said...

I love that commercial. now that marty has won his oscar (he should have more than one!) they should play that commercial more often.

hanly said...
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