Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Post Was With Them After All

Recently I wrote a blog about a photo my friend Erin took. It was of a friend of hers slipping a letter into one of those "R2D2" mailboxes that the post office has borught out in commemmoration of Star Wars' 30th anniversary. Apparently since then the photo has really taken off receiving hundreds of comments and thousands of "views" on sites like Digg, Flickr and Reddit as well as being featured on blog after blog after blog. The best part of it all though, as I found out from her family at church this morning, is that apparently Erin received an e-mail yesterday from an employee at ILM who said they are currently passing the photo around the office and that everyone is getting a huge kick out of it. This means it's actually very possible that George Lucas himself might get to see the image.

Now, it really doesn't get much cooler than that.


Piper said...

Okay, so seriously. You're friend shot this photo that I've seen everywhere? I even think our newspaper ran it.

Damian said...

You're friend shot this photo that I've seen everywhere?

That she did. :)

I even think our newspaper ran it.

Really? Which paper?

Moviezzz said...

I'd be worried if Lucas sees this though. He might reshoot the photo, add all sorts of digital FX, and have an animated cartoon character to appeal to kids.

Damian said...

LOL! Very true, Moviezzz. Good one! :)

Just to be clear, the photo accompanying this post is not the one to which I am referring. This is the photo of my friend Erin taking the photo which I am talking about.

Here is the real photo and I must say I still haven't tired of looking at it.

Piper said...

I think the Kansas City Star ran it.

And that is a good one Moviezzz

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