Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Music for Windmills

The last time I added any tunes to my jukebox widget was during the Filmmusic Blog-a-thon so I figured it was about time to do so again. First, though, I have to undertake the unpleasant business of bidding farewell to a cue that has mysteriously disappeared since I first posted it: Jerry Goldsmith's love theme for The Russia House. Since I'd feel guilty not having at least one Goldsmith composition on here I've decided to replace it with the theme from Basic Instinct.

Instead of adding six songs by different composers I have decided to add one single song which essentially functions like six... or seven or eight or twenty. I am putting up the 4-minute medley arranged and conducted by John Williams for the 2002 Oscar telecast. It is comprised of twenty-three separate melodies taken from various movies, including two rather well-known studio fanfares and a few themes which have been added to this blog already (Williams even featured some of his own work). See how many of them you can recognize.

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