Sunday, April 08, 2007

Screen Saviors

Well, today is Easter Sunday and I was planning on posting something really deep and profound and insightful about the various cinematic incarnations of Jesus... but the truth is I'm too tired right now. So, I'll just lazily put up some images of a few big screen (and in some cases small screen) representations of our Lord.

H.B. Warner, King of Kings (Cecil B. DeMille, 1927)

Claude Heater(?), Ben Hur (William Wyler, 1959)

Jeffrey Hunter, King of Kings (Nicholas Ray, 1961)

Enrique Irazoqui, The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1964)

Max Von Sydow, The Greatest Story Ever Told (George Stevens, 1965)

Ted Neeley, Jesus Christ Superstar (Norman Jewison, 1973)

Victor Garber, Godspell (David Greene, 1973)

Robert Powell, Jesus of Nazareth (Franco Zefferelli, 1977)

Graham Chapman, Life of Brian (Terry Jones, 1979)

Brian Deacon, Jesus (John Krish/Peter Sykes, 1979)

Willem Defoe, The Last Temptation of Christ (Martin Scorsese, 1988)

The "Buddy" Christ, Dogma (Kevin Smith, 1999)

Christian Bale, Mary: Mother of Jesus (Kevin Connor, 1999)

Jeremy Sisto, Jesus (Roger Young, 1999)

Phil Caracas, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (Lee Demarbre, 2001)

Henry Ian Cusick, The Gospel of John (Philip Saville, 2003)

Jim Caviezel, The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson, 2004)

"Jesus and Pals," South Park (Trey Parker/Matt Stone, 1997)

Thanks for your indulgence, all! Here's hoping your Easter is a happy one! God bless.


cineboy said...


It was great to see you on Easter. I hope you had a great time and got to catch up with a few folks.

btw, I think my favorite pic is Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter just 'cause I know Jesus was probably really good at the martial arts. And, of course, he didn't like vampires.

Damian said...

It was great to see you too, Tuck. It was also nice to see Maricel, your children and a lot of other people in the Study Center community that I really miss. Like I said, I'm gonna try to keep coming each week from now on so hopefully I'll see you again real soon.

I have to admit that I am actually curious about the low-budget cult film Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. I always figured that if anybody could kick a vampire's ass it would be Jesus.

Paul C. said...

As the ads for LIFE OF BRIAN said, "he's not the Messiah. He's just a very naughty boy." The actual Jesus Christ in LIFE OF BRIAN was played by Kenneth Colley (trivia: the Pythons originally wanted to cast George Lazenby). Still, fun to see him and the Vampire Hunter Jesus interspersed with the more serious versions.

Frugal Dougal said...

Hi Damian,

I've posted a link to your post on various images in film etc of Jesus re a Christian post. I hope this is ok - FD

Anonymous said...



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